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“With Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s duets in mind, their voices blend perfectly on an excellent set about characters that are sad, vengeful, seedy, sneaky and jealous.”
-Rolling Stone (click for full review)
"Look, Dave Gutter has been prolific enough for long enough that you already know if you like his voice or not. Here, he sounds fantastic, all snarls and plaintive cries, and he knows how to use the instrument and mix it to sound tight. Lombard is of course a lovely foil to that grit, and they have energy and a fierce-sounding devotion on II that puts a 2018 spin on a duet style that was top of the pops in the '80s."
-portland phoenix (click for full review)
"Fiery, warm, and a full of gritty storytelling charm, Armies’ sophomore album Armies II is a smoothe, soulful exploration of personalities. Vibey, fully-realized, and lyrically provocative, it’s a powerful next step as the indie quintet find their voice and hone in on their artistic identity."
-atwood magazine (click for full review)
“The two incredibly talented vocalists blend together perfectly with aesthetic while innovative songwriting from Gutter. The production of the record is spot on without a hint of complacency. Armies is truly the beginning what is hopefully a continued collaboration.”
-portland phoenix (click for full review)
“ARMIES has become music I love and don’t want to replace. The quality of the writing and production is world class. My suggestion; introduce yourself to something a little different, surprise yourself, taste it, be open minded.”
-bluebird reviews (click for full review)
“It makes for a far more entertaining listen, because it’s messy. It’s not easy. It’s hard. Give me one album that doesn’t pull any emotional punches over five albums that hide behind artifice and cool.”
-bangor daily news (click for full review)
“The pair even musically resembles the classic Hollywood trope: rough-and-tumble but ultimately loveable guy meets dream girl. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”
-dispatch magazine (click for full review)