Armies is an American music group from Portland Maine, formed in 2015 consisting of Dave Gutter (songwriter, producer, Vocalist, and guitarist) and Anna Lombard (arranger, vocalist, pianist), Jon Roods (producer, bassist, and keyboardist), DJ Elsworth (beatmaker, producer) and Ryan Curless (drums and percussion).

The band name was inspired by a tumultuous relationship Gutter had with a girl named "Ami". Once when a friend asked where Dave was, someone answered "he joined the Ami". Many of the lyrics of Armies are based on the conversational dynamic of a couple.

The band define their music as Rock/R&B dance music with a sound that has been heavily influenced by hip hop, gospel, funk and psychedelic French pop of the sixties. Their self-titled debut was released in August of 2015, just three months before being named #1 of "15 Great Albums You Didn't Hear in 2015" by Rolling Stone Magazine.